Anne Taylor

I’ve been impressed by the support and welcome I’ve had. It’s a brilliant place to live regardless of what you do for a living.

A move to St Peter’s, Formby not only meant relocation for Anne and her husband it also meant moving to a different church within the Anglican family.

A move from the relatively small Church of Ireland to an affluent parish on the North West coast meant adjusting her thought processes around what Church means. “Parish is very different here, as the Church of England rightly sees the wider community as its parish. So I’m finding the occasional offices have a real mission opportunity and a significant place for the community to come together”.

Anne is certainly looking forward to creating communities in what is predominantly a commuter town alongside building connections with local institutions – as padre to the local RAF base, for instance.

Anne was in part attracted across the water by the reputation of the diocese. “We heard how the diocese had clear aims and encouraged new ideas. And since joining I have been impressed by the support and welcome of a diocese which takes its mission and pastoral care of its clergy very seriously.  There’s a feeling of vibrancy which doesn’t always happen.“

Then there’s the area. Her love of football aside, the proximity of Formby to a resurgent Liverpool, the Lake District and Wales, and the ability to walk her dog down a superb stretch of coastline are clear attractions for Anne. “It’s a brilliant place to live regardless of what you do for a living.”

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